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   Blue Star Movement  AKA:  #Tweedia


Tweedia is a movement to promote positive communication between people to enhance happiness based on trust and love.

The name comes from the floriograhy (the language of flowers) for 8th March when it was founded.


 The SNS movement started in Asia in 2020 in response to feeling of helplessness due to physical and verbal violence and discrimination around the world.


① TwitterなどのSNSで、信じあう心をもち、優しい言葉をかけ合うことを大切にしています。




「 #トゥイーディア」と入れるだけでOK。

1)  Communicate with trust and use of kind words on SNS such as Twitter.

Tweedia is the general term for words or sentences which make others happy by just being there on SNS.

Add #tweedia with a hashtag.

② スーツやワンピースなど、服装を問わず左胸や襟元に《青い星》をあしらったワンポイント装飾をして、

 2.)  Place a “blue star” on the left side of your coat or your clothes close to your heart. The most important thing is to be seen so it can even be on your bag!


The blue star symbolises being a star towards someone, and for everyone to have a heart to protect others against discrimination.

It is a silent retaliation towards discrimination around the world and acts as a deterrent.

#tweedia    #トゥイーディア活動

#bluestar   #ブルースター活動



 ・ペンタグラム型 五角星


​ または、


Emblem - official recommended size

Pentagram five-sided star


Min. 11.3mm – max. 113mm

Or to wear something where it can be seen with a “blue star”.


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